An editorial comment

I don't understand why so many of these no doubt otherwise good conferences demand online registration. I don't know of any good reason for that other than sheer laziness or possibly thoughtlessness. I can't fathom why mailing in a check is considered so abominable. I'd rather pay extra at the door than use my credit or debit card online or hand over my bank's routing number. Of course, I may be travelling a considerable distance, and I don't want to get to the door to learn that the conference is sold out, so I wind up hit with the hammer of "this is the way we do it here."

Then there are the ones that insist on using PayPal despite that organization's documented contributions to Planned Parenthood. Why, why?

Folks, I work in IT. I know whereof I speak. They SAY it is safe, but why should we believe it when almost every day brings news of a new breach? Can they prove it to me?

Please, organizers, use your heads. Post an address and a mail-in registration form for those who either don't have computers, don't care to use them, or don't want to transmit credit card information over an Internet web browser, one of the most ill-suited pieces of junky software ever concocted.

You can argue it till the cows come home, but what is the harm of a mail-in registration form?

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