Day Four

Day 4 did not work well. I could have attended Mass in the morning but foolishly deferred it until afternoon, but by then it was too late. Reminder, everyone: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

On the plus side, I stopped at one church to look around, but the doors were locked. Usually, this presents a problem for me, but a local resident was kind enough to go into the office to obtain the key. What a novel idea! He then took me on a guided tour of the building, which is an in-the-round style with theater-style seating. A decent-looking marble altar is at the center behind an altar rail, while a huge crucifix hangs over the sanctuary. Racks in the pews hold the GIA combination of Worship II and Gather (2nd edition). Behind the sanctuary is a daily Mass and reconciliation chapel with wooden pews that is quite good; the only knock is that the Blessed Sacrament is reserved separately in both the main church and chapel (not permitted). Overall, though, it is not bad. From here, it is on to Colorado.


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