Week 5

This one will be kind of short, because it will probably speak for itself. Yesterday, I attended the Tridentine High Mass at St. Agnes' Church in Manhattan. The Tridentine Mass clearly represents an entirely different philosophy of worship, one that needs to be integrated into the Novus Ordo sooner or later. In many areas, Tridentine Masses are hard to find (and some bishops no doubt haven't allowed them at all), but I suggest that anyone who hasn't already attended one take a look one Sunday if at all possible.

In these posts, I usually have to spend time describing what "silliness of the week" I discovered; that won't be necessary here. My biggest quibble is that the priest administering Holy Communion supplies the "Amen" for the communicant; I think that having that "Amen" come from the communicant is extremely important, as it affirms everything that the Church teaches about Communion. (If people actually realized this, I suspect that either fewer people would be receiving, or many would learn more about their faith.)

Thanks to Arthur Amidano for being my guide and host; he probably saved me from at least one faux pas.

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